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Baby eagle cam live

May 12, 2009

eagles x2.  1 eggThanks to Reject the Herd for this great find!

Baby Eagle Cam HERE

This image will only be clear for daylight hours of Canada’s west coast PST. I have never been in an eagle’s nest with a chick before and never thought I would be: but, among the amazing things I have seen in this cam view, is the mother eagle feeding the baby chick and ‘doing housekeeping’ chores. The absolute vigilant strength of a mother’s instinct in this magestic predator is spellbinding for me.

Also amazing is how many viewers are like me, watching this cam; 500+ at one time. There is also a chat room at the cam site…tho I am not sure that words can express the miracle that happens in this eagle’s nest. Hope you enjoy it and catch an active period on the cam.