Jump you Feckers! Do something honorable!

April 24, 2009

Yes….’Feckers’ is the right word. And it would be more apropo if we added a ‘Mother’ in front of it. How many children have suffered now because the corrupt greed of you immoral, financial criminals? How many have lost their jobs and homes? How many are starving in other countries from the effects of the mess you ogres have made of the world? I don’t really like to swear; but in this case the word is more a description than an expletive, though both uses seem justified.

The pratice of suicide for those dishonoured or politically outmaneuvered is not exactly a new one. In ancient Rome, Romana mors, was a preferable exit to public humiliation and execution; in Japan, Seppuku was a way to pay one’s debt for dishonouring the family, country and self. A pity you elite bankers of today don’t have such an ethic – it would save us all alot of expense and future heartbreak in bringing you to justice. Even if you were to commit suicide, one can be sure it would not be out of the shame for bringing so much misery to so many; rather it would be because you could not continue your odious tyranny.

I don’t feel a wit for those like Kellerman: I feel for those who worked their entire lives to scratch a living out, to provide a home for their families, who lost everything and committed suicide because there was no longer any hope. Nothing that is said or done now can help those people or their children…and they won’t be left with big fat bank accounts pilfered from fellow citizens to console themselves. And they won’t have Tim Geithner’s tears and public eulogies either.

Foreclosure Problems? Mother Commits Suicide In Massachusetts

The mortgage company received a faxed letter from Balderrama at roughly 2:30 PM on Tuesday, putting a warning that she will no longer be alive when they foreclosed on her home that day. She was true to her words. It seemed that Balderrama shot herself with her husband’s powerful rifle. Her dead body was discovered at 3:30 PM after PHH Mortgage informed the police. The home in Taunton is about 35 miles to the south of Boston and costs $232,000, a large figure in the real estate market. It was supposed to be auctioned away at 5PM on the day the mother committed suicide failing to overcome a foreclosure crisis.

From Bad to Worst: Suicide Rate Up Sharply

And as bad as it’s been, it got even worse last week when Lebanon County Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Yocum announced that suicides increased 73 percent last year — a jump he blamed in part on the economy.

Foreclosures take an emotional toll on many homeowners

Foreclosure filings surged 65% in April compared with the same month last year, according to a report Wednesday by RealtyTrac. One in every 519 households received a foreclosure filing last month, and the number of homes with foreclosure activity in April was the highest monthly total since RealtyTrac began issuing the report in January 2005.

Relationship between the Economy, Unemployment and Suicide

Suicide: The Other Economic Depression

Suicide rates higher in spring: study

So, for the countless people the world over who have ended their lives in despair, from the farmers in India to the economically clueless pawns in the American dream, whose only purpose has been to bloat the coffers of you gluttonous capitalists, for those whose names and tragedies we will never know, I say to you Masters of the Universe now …..Do something honourable for a change! Find your nearest high rise bank, go to the roof….and JUMP YOU FECKERS.

Or live the rest of your lives hiding from the people whose lives you have damaged irrevocably. And may your dreams be as sweet as the effects of your actions on others in your lifetime.


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