Things I read Jan 30, 09 – Boiling frogs and dollars

January 30, 2009

Unemployment rate soars
“There are literally millions of workers unemployed with no hope of finding a new job,” she said. “The queue is just too long.”…A new survey by the Society for Human Resource Management also found that nearly 75 percent of human resource professionals from U.S. companies were expecting deeper job cuts in the U.S. labor force in the next few months.

Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Operations
Yes the past and future from the horses mouth…I have blogged on this before here. Search ‘irregular warfare’.

Russian, Chinese PMs seek to seize control of the dollar
Whether or not Americans realise it, this is the worst possible news for them. By far the story they should be most afraid of. This is the beginning of the end for the dollar, Act IV of the tragedy.

“…the Putin and Wen call to regulate the dollar is a clear power play that would threaten the basic sovereignty of the U.S. government. It also reflects a new upsurge in Sino-Russian cooperation against the United States…”

Global Consciousness Project -Trans-Humanity Awakening To Reality
Do you think it’s possible to think our way out of this mess??

Military And New Orleans Police Conducting Nite Time Helicopter Drills In City
Yeah no worries folks. If you put a frog in a pot of cold water and bring it slowly to a boil, the frog won’t even realize that you are in the process of boiling it.

Congress Seeks To Authorize & Legalize FEMA Camp Facilities

Pew: Almost half of Americans want to live somewhere else

Officials: Army suicides at 3-decade high
WARNING – Taking the blossom of youth and training them to bomb, mutilate and torture other humans could be damaging to their health.

Iraq soldier crying
So many tears from so many people in so many countries. When will we learn that when we kill someone else, we kill ourselves too?

More Orwellian horror for English people.

Why Americans get a distorted View of the Conflict between Israel and Palestinians
The construction of delusion is in the details From Rainbow Warriors blog.

Up Yours
English froggies jumping out of the pot….. GO FROGGIES GO!

Obama’s First Acts Of War

Names and Photos of Israeli War Criminals in Gaza
Many of these people may be charged by the Hague. Put nicely in context in Smoking Mirrors blog here. Don’t wait long to look…these pictures have a way of disappearing.

I don’t like to leave the bad news of the day without a little something…a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down…so they say. Here is a picture of the ‘glass frog’.



  1. Israel was founded by Zionists. There is a long history behind all of this. Which to my amazement many don’t know anything about it. When I said awhile back not all Jewish people are like those in Israel, I assumed most people knew about this Zionists treachery. From day one of the Conception of Israel these people have betrayed their own people. They worked with the Nazis and collaborated with them. To the demise of their own people. Like those from Nazi Germany there are still many today that are alive and well. Children raised by such people learn to hate etc just as hateful and bigoted as their fore fathers.

    Did You Know: About Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis
    Zionists are just as bad, if not worse then Hitler and his death camps.
    The Nazis implemented the ‘Final Solution’, the extermination of all ‘non-Aryan’ peoples that included not only the Jews but also the Roma and the Serbs.
    The links to these are at the bottom of the post. Be sure to share.
    Zionists are equal to Nazis. That is why many Jewish communities around the world protested against them, because like many of us they don’t want them killing any more people either. At the hands of the Zionists many of their own people were killed also. Many Jewish people know all to well how evil Zionists are. We were never taught this in school. This has been for some reason kept out of classrooms. I am sure there may be many Jewish people who don’t even know this. For sure anyone who lives in Israel would not know this. They have all been brainwashed from day one. My father had a saying when you go to school you learn only what they want you to know whether it be the truth or not. This was not taught in schools that I went to. Lets not forget that Bushes Grandfather and numerous others in the US funded Hitlers war as well. Britain promised the Zionist Palestine. None of this was taught in our schools. So being left without this knowledge has warped peoples view of things.

    “THE ROLE OF ZIONISM IN THE HOLOCAUST” A very well written history of what happened. A must read.

    “Israel: “Did You Know?” A few things about Israel we all should know.

    “Interview: Adam Shapiro, co-founder of the ISM/UN Reports: Gaza destruction/ US Aid to Israel 6. 5 million a day”
    this also has some history as well as reports for the UN about the disaster left by Israel and a bit on how much money the US gives Israel and must be stopped. Israel gets on average 6.5 million a DAY from the US. US tax payers money. Israel has over 200 nuclear bombs and I a might be wrong but they will use them on their neighbors.

    If you check here http://domino.un.org/unispal.nsf/vDateDoc!OpenView
    Sykes-Picot agreement text 1916 It is accordingly understood between the French and British governments.

    1917 Letter to Lord Rothschild

    03/02/1919 Paris peace conference – Zionist Organization statement/Non-UN document
    03/01/1919 Faisal-Weizmann agreement/Non-UN document
    To understand what is happening today one must understand the past.
    The Zionist lied to the British. Even then.
    The Zionists said they represented all Jewish people, this too was and still is a lie. They use the Holocaust to promote their propaganda. The Holocaust they helped Hitler with that is. THE ROLE OF ZIONISM IN THE HOLOCAUST explains what they did and did not do. What they didn’t do was much of anything to help the Jews who were being exterminated.
    Zionists are not Real Jewish people they are nothing more then Nazi war criminals.

    • Ach not even the Irish support Israel…and we usually like everyone. It has shown its true face in bombing Gaza and now the world sees the ugliness. Ironic bit is Zionists did this to themselves…we can all see now the emperor naked without the propaganda.

      The price, 1000+ dead. Unfathomable suffering. In truth they could not have done worse to their standing than if an enemy planned it.

      Here is an interesting url you might enjoy rainbow:


      Thanks for your comment. Together we are stronger.

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