A bit of fun – A political riddle

January 29, 2009

The quote below is from a current event. Just for some fun, I am going to reproduce it here, removing obvious giveaways, to try and guess who said it. Just a bit of Irish craic. The answer is at the end.

MISTER MYSTERY called Wednesday for “profound changes” in U.S. foreign policy including an end to support for Israel…

MISTER MYSTERY urged Washington to withdraw its troops stationed around the world. MISTER MYSTERYwould be closely watching what President Barack Obama’s new administration does and would welcome a real shift in its approach.

“Change means giving up support for the rootless, uncivilized, fabricated, murdering … Zionists and letting the Palestinian nation decide its own destiny,” MISTER MYSTERY said. “Change means putting an end to U.S. military presence in (different parts of) the world.”

Without mentioning Obama by name, MISTER MYSTERY repeatedly referred to those who want “change,” a buzzword of Obama’s election campaign.

“When they say ‘we want to bring changes’, change may happen in two ways: First is profound, fundamental and effective change … the second … is a change of tactics,” he told thousands of people …

“We will wait patiently, listen to their words carefully, scrutinize their actions under a magnifier and if change happens truly and fundamentally, we will welcome that,” he added….
MISTER MYSTERY cited the U.S.-backed coup that toppled the elected government …

In an interview with ??? news channel that aired Tuesday, … “It is important for us to be willing to talk …, to express very clearly where our differences are, but where there are potential avenues for progress.”

Later Tuesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters the U.S. administration is undertaking a wide-ranging and comprehensive assessment of American foreign policy options toward ….


  • Russia
  • China
  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Iran
  • Palestine
  • Gaza
  • Bolivia
  • Venezuela
  • Argentina
  • Lebanon
  • Ecuador
  • Cuba

The Origninal Source

How did you do?


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