Israeli hit list for Aid workers

January 15, 2009

It’s unbelievable to find such hate on the web; I am certain it must be illegal. Oh wait, it’s the Israeli’s who are threatening lives (complete with pictures and addresses)…..so it must be OK.

This url will shock you. And is a testament to the heart and soul of Zionists.

Ewa Jasiewicz needs to be a target of IDF forces as well as she has shown she is in Gaza to work for Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups like DFLP. A picture of Ewa is below. If you know of her exact location, please email us at info@StoptheISM.com so we can target and take her out once and for all.

Visit the site: more ‘wanted posters’.

[Update: January 16th, 2009….the site above has been removed from the net. However, the article below is still there, without pictures…..hmmm]

The article here.


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