“Forward to confirm the kill.”

January 5, 2009
Out of the thousands of news articles, blogs and pictures that are coming out of Gaza right now, this short conversation says more than the most passionate and vituperative analysis of the slaughter. Herein lies the character of the Israeli people.

Violet Planet

From an actual transcript of radio communications among Israeli soldiers on the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip on October 2004:

Sentry: “We spotted an Arab female about a hundred meters below our emplacement, near the light armored vehicle gate.”

Headquarters: “Observation post ! Do you see IT?”

Observation Post: “Affirmative, IT’S a young girl. She’s now running east.”

HQ: “What is her position?”

OP: “She’s currently north of the authorized zone.”

Sentry: “Very appropriate location.”

( Sound of gunfire)

OP: “She’s now behind an embankment, 250 meters from the barracks, She keeps running east. The hits are right on her.”

HQ: “Are you talking about the girl…a girl under ten?”

OP: “Approximately a ten-year old girl.”

HQ: “Roger.”

OP to HQ: “Receiving, over.”

OP: “She’s behind the embankment, dying of fear, the hits are right on her, a centimeter from her.”

Sentry: “Our troops are storming toward her now. They are around seventy meters from her.”

HQ: “I understand that the company commander and his squad are out?”

Sentry: “Affirmative, with a few more soldiers.”

OP: “Receive. Looks like one of the positions dropped her.”

HQ: “What? Did you see the hit? Is she down?”

OP: “She’s down. Right now she isn’t moving. Me and another soldier are going in.”

( To the squad) “Forward to confirm the kill!”

Company Commander to (HQ): “We fired and killed her. She has…is wearing pants…jeans and a vest, shirt. Also, she had a kaffiyeh on her head. I also confirm the kill. Over.”

HQ: “Roger.”

CC: (on general communications band) “Any motion, anyone who moves in the zone, even if it’s a three-year old, should be killed. Over.”

***The Palestinian school girl in the forbidden zone was hit by 17 bullets.


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