Aafia…again and again…

January 5, 2009
And again if need be….until her plight is known by all and the truth is revealed. There are moments when I think of the unnamed multitudes of people, unjustly and unlawfully detained, rotting away in some hell hole, under the power of not jailkeepers, but monsters of the US government and their mercenary counterparts. I can do nothing for these poor souls; except be a witness to their existence.

The case of Aafia Siddiqui, however, epitomises the countless who cannot be found or helped. To the extent of this blog, I can keep republishing her story until, single reader by single reader, her plight brings about more awareness and concern. Other postings on Aafia can be found by searching ‘aafia’ on this blog.
This particular article is long and in depth and I greatly appreciate the efforts of the author. At present, Aafia still rots in a US detention center, accused of ‘terrorism’ (a convenient label for any random activity the USA deems against its federal authority). For those who wish to know, the article linked below is comprehensive and well written.
For those readers who are familiar with this case, an update can be found here. US court extends Aafia’s sanity probe
The Abduction, Secret Detention, 
Torture, and Repeated Raping of Aafia Siddiqui

by Stephen Lendman
December 15, 2008
I am a 72 year old, retired, progressive small businessman concerned about all the major national and world issues, committed to speak out and write about them.

Post-9/11, the “war on terror” has been a jihad against Islam, the colonizers v. the colonized, or what Edward Said called “the familiar (America, Europe, us) and the strange (the Orient, East, them).” Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is one of its most tragic, aggrieved, and ravaged victims. Her ordeal continues horrifically.
Boston Magazine’s Katherine Oxment asked: “Who’s afraid of Aafia Siddiqui? She went to MIT and Brandeis, married a (physician, lived in Boston), cared for her children….raised money for charities….did other volunteer work, hosted play groups in her apartment, (is) deeply religious….distribute(d) Korans to inmates in area prisons,” and did nothing out of the ordinary. (She) “was a normal woman living a normal American life. Until the FBI called her a terrorist….a high-profile Al Qaeda operative,” but we’ve seen these charges before, and each time they were bogus. They’re egregiously so against Aafia – a woman guilty only of being Muslim at the wrong time in America or elsewhere if you’re on Washington’s target list.
Against her and others, no evidence exists so prosecutors invent it. Most (or key parts) is kept classified, unavailable to the defense, and trials are judicial equivalents of circuses. Witnesses are enlisted, pressured, coerced, and/or bought off to cooperate. Proceedings are carefully orchestrated. Due process is effectively denied, and juries are intimidated to convict the innocent for political advantage.
The dominant media cooperate. Using information from Washington Post writer, Douglas Farah, and other sources, writer Lindsey Worth of FMS, Inc. referred to “the mysterious Aafia Siddiqui….allegedly Al Qaeda’s only female leader” in connecting her to “the Al Queda diamond operation” in West Africa.
The Times Online calls Aafia “Al-Qaeda woman,” and for ABC News she’s “Mata Hari” in a lengthy report featuring unsubstantiated charges against her, including:
— possessing detailed radiological, chemical and biological information, including possessing a liter of cyanide and instructions for a “dirty bomb;”
— more documents for a mass casualty attack;
— a list of New York targets, including the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Wall Street, and the animal disease center on Plum Island;
— terrorist recruiting;
— possessing excerpts from “The Anarchist’s Arsenal;”
— “documents detailing US military assets;”
— methods of attack by reconnaissance drones, underwater bombs and gliders; and
— a thumb (or flash) drive packed with emails detailing “specific cells” and planned attacks to carry out.
According to the FBI, she is, or was when captured, a potential “treasure trove” of information on terrorist supporters, sympathizers or sleepers in America and overseas. CIA officer John Kiriakou said she’s “the most significant capture in five years,” and an unnamed counterterrorism official called her “a very dangerous person, no doubt about it.”
For Kiriakou, she’s a “radical” involved in planning “a wide variety of different operations (perhaps with WMDs),” including a “possible attempt on the life of the President.” Unnamed sources from three federal agencies accused her of an “ill conceived” and perhaps amateurish plot to “kill all living US presidents,” including Jimmy Carter by poisoning.
Read the entire article at



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